A Defense of America and Their Units  



We all know how wonky America's units are, how counter intuitive and strange they are. Now, I will defend them in the honor of America and how they spell "honor" correctly, you dirty Englishmen!

So, let's start with the base unit of measurement: the barleycorn. Yes, the most beautiful measurement! Something that is completely invariant in length, and something that everyone knows the approximate length to! The perfect base for a measurement system used by over 300 million people.


Now, the thing everyone thinks is the base unit of measurement: the inch. This is defined to be 1/39.37 th of a meter. Now, you might think that this relies on the imperial system, but to that I say "you are wrong!" Because that is the bogus way of defining it, we instead say it is the length of three barleycorns! Take that, England! *spits in trash can 10 FEET away*


Now, the foot. This is twelve inches, or 36 barleycorns (the correct way to base your system of measurent). Back in the good 'ol days, this was said to be the size of the average man's foot, but now we need all of these dirty numbers involved. When me and my boys used to go out and rangle up bulls while drinking beer we made ourselves, we would measure the size of that darn thing with our feet! Then we saluted to the 100 American flags we put in front of our house. God bless.


Now, the ounce (weight). It's defined to be 28.349523125 grams, but back my old day we use to just compare the weights (not mass, like your dirty measurement system!) to 438 grains (defined as 64.79891 milligrams)!


The dates: We say our dates the correct way, the month, then the day, then the year. On an aside, I am pumped for 4th of July, the most patriotic date of the year said in the correct fashio.... oh. Well, at least we have Pi day, May the Fourth be with you, and JulySixth Park, you dirty, monarch lovin freaks! *drinks massive amounts of American-Made Beer*


That one guy that's always on

You silly Yanks! How HONOURABLE of you to make such a post defending the American's Victorian outlook on measurements. We all know that metric and SI is far superior in every way, plus natural units are the way to go anyway. c=1 guys!


P.s your date system is super annoying, although you're a big part of the PlanckTime team Lucas, you will never convince me to change the way website displays dates. XD 

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