[Solved] Air Resistance Model (Differential Equations)  



Here is a cool little challenge I've recently done in my differential equations coursework:

Given that air resistance is proportional to velocity for a falling body (on earth), form a differential equation, and find the general solution (solving for velocity). 

A little tip is set Air resistance = kv

PlanckTime - Amin


Here's my answer:

That one guy that's always on

Oh I see you worked out the constant "A". My actual task was to find an expression for the displacement, so I left the constant in (as it will become initial displacement once integrated).

I assumed that you were dropping it with an initial velocity of 0, so your answer would be more applicable.

Yeah you are right! Yours would be exactly the solution to the question I actually asked XD


Nice Lucas. Here is mine, I agree with you :):

PlanckTime - Amin


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