[Solved] Complex number power series problem  



I recently came across this question, it is pretty nice, give it a go!

PlanckTime - Amin

Is "z" a complex number? If so, should we write it in terms of its real and imaginary parts.

In the first part of the question try separating ex+yj  into exeyj , perhaps this will help 🙂 Then you can split the complex number into ints real and imaginary parts to answer the question.

I knew that. I meant the second question.

Oh sorry Lucas! No just do the maclaurin expansion, with z as your variable 


The solution to this question can be found here

PlanckTime - Amin


I think I did it. Probably made a mistake, because the solution is really bizarre.

That one guy that's always on

Check the link I put above, the solution is there- however I think you're right !

In my working out, I accidentally left out the division of the factorials when adding, although put them back in when I converted to powers of e.


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