[Solved] Drones, Scary or everyday norm?  



With what has been hovering around lately (excuse the pun) drones are becoming more and more likely to be common place in day to day lives, were it being delivery drones from amazon or secret services drones monitoring peoples lives.

I've spoken to many people and they are either very worried or very hopeful into the applications of drones in the foreseeable future, some see it as a way for governments and their military to improve their spying and combat capabilities without the loss of life, and others as a way to make the ordinary individuals life easier, What are your opinions? and what are your hopes for Drone application in the future.


I can't see any reason why they're particularly scary. Drones have killed less people than any other military weapon. Though I guess that may change if and when they become more widely used in military. However outside of military, drones have some fantastic uses ranging from cinematography to search-and-rescue, not to mention 'scouting' areas which are far too hazardous, such as a bomb-site or an ablaze building.

I am very pro drone. Though I am interested to see other peoples opinions. 


I see the war argument. The united states are massively misusing drones in the far east- its much easier to kill innocent people a cosy office somewhere in the US, then actually in cold blood.

However the positives are huge, I mean in terms of science a robust drone can fly into the atmosphere and get some solid readings for example, would be awesome in the future if they were good enough to fly to space with a go pro mounted on them- imagine the footage!! 

In terms of the privacy issue, there is already legislation here in the UK about where, when and how you can fly your drone. For example you can't fly it above 150 yards I think, and its totally forbidden in built up areas. 

The technology is brilliant and I really hope people use it properly!!

PlanckTime - Amin

The comment about flying drones directly upwards is a great idea, they would be limited by air pressure I would have thought but I wonder what the maximum feasible height/air pressure would be? Sounds like a physics question to me.

You're very right ahahah, totally forgot how drones work- yeah they would for sure be limited by air pressure!

This question may be aimed at military drones rather than the quadcopter 'drones'. A drone is simply an unmanned aerial vehicle so it's very vague. Not sure if Jason is referring to one or the other, or simply all UAVs.

Since he mentions amazon's drones and military ones, I'm presuming he's referring to all unmanned craft.


Stop droning on.

Loooool. How punny 


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