[Solved] Simple Nuclear Fusion Challenge Question  



A Deuterium nucleus fuses with a Tritium nucleus to form a Helium nucleaus (Helium-4) and a neutron. If the neutron were to carry all the energy released in the fusion reaction, what would it's velocity have to be?

Mass of Deuterium: 2.01410178 u

Mass of Tritium: ‎3.0160492 u

Mass of Hellium-4: 4.002602 u

Mass of neutron: 1.008664 u

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Only a small whiteboard problem ?

Of course, this is resting on the assumption that none of the energy is released in some other way such as a photon. AND more importantly that there is no kinetic energy between the fusing nuclei (otherwise there'll have to be use of E=sqroot [(mc^2)^2 +(pc)^2] or whatever it was (i cant recall right now)

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We need a PUPC style big whiteboard question soon. Prepare yourself to be getting lost in Maxwell's equations for half a week Saeedo

My whiteboard is being used as a revision logistics centre right now. So it may take a while before i can do that sort of question

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Here's how I did it:


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There is a bit of a discrpancy between your answer and Saeed's answer. I'm pretty sure it is becasue of rounding etc. I will try and find my solution to compare.


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