[Sticky] Is 2018 a boring number?  



Happy new year 2018!

According to What's Special About This Number? there is no distinct mathematical fact about 2018 the number. 

I wonder if this is true, any ideas?

I've only got that the sum of 2018 + 2018 backwards (8102) is equal to 10 times the sum of its proper divisors (its aliquot sum):

2018+8102 = 10120

1+2+1009= 1012

Not even sure this is unique, and its not particularly interesting xD


PlanckTime - Amin



http://mrhonner.com/archives/18036 : Here's an interesting property! Maybe we could start a thread discussing it or something? Probably wouldn't get very far, though.

That one guy that's always on


Suppose that there exists an uninteresting number. Then there must be a smallest uninteresting number. That in of itself is an interesting property, making that number interesting. Hence, by induction, there can be no uninteresting numbers. 



If you let the smallest uninteresting number have index 1, then the whole ordered set of uninteresting numbers has indices 1,2,3...n. If the smallest uninteresting number (n) is then considered interesting due to this unique property, then there will always be an uninteresting number (n+1) greater than this which is uninteresting. If the set of uninteresting numbers is infinite, which it probably is, there will always exist an uninteresting number. 


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