This is even more amazing than I thought!  



I was just looking at pictures of my sequence (the one from the "Beautiful Sequences" post), and I just realized that this has serpinski's triangle hidden within it! (4, actually).

Just look! The seperations between a dominate in red color and a dominate in blue color forms the serpinski's triangle! (meaning an area that is mostly blue is a hole in the serpinki's trianlge, while an area that is mostly red is filled in.

Using a very similar process as this one, I made some code that made the actual serpinski's triangle here.

That one guy that's always on

How much info do you have on Serpinskis triangles? I haven't heard of them before. 

It's a fractal that has a triangle in a triangle, making more triangles who have triangles in it. Here's what it looks like:

It's difficult to see it in the picture I've provided, but it is quite obvious if you run the code for yourself.


Oh yeah, I have come across these before, I just wasn't familiar with the name, thank you.

PlanckTime - Amin


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