Uploading Images to the forum | HTTPS please!  



As you may have realised PlanckTime recently got an SSL certificate, meaning that user data is encrypted. This means that browsers (especially chrome) have stopped displaying issues with the website and this is great!

However the site isn't fully secure if images embedded aren't from a HTTPS url. For example forum users have been using images uploaded on imigur, which makes the forum pages with these on not fully secure.

Make sure you guys use images from HTTPS urls only! This will help keep the site as secure as possible.

PlanckTime has it's own built media centre, where you can upload your images to be used on the forum. Simply go to your profile, and click media like this:


If you use the PlanckTime media uploader, embed the images like this:

<img src="YourimageURL"></img>

To find the URL of your uploaded media file, just click on the image in your gallery when it displays, right-click and click on copy image adress.

You can now upload the image inline in your forum posts!

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