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Ever since the first mention of the EM drive there has been a lot of hype in the media. Claims of going interstellar within our lifetimes were being thrown around how to greet Aliens was on everyone's mind.

But what is the EM drive? What does all of this mean?

The EM drive was first developed by Roger Shawyer, an aerospace engineer. In summary the drive is a propulsion system that doesn't use propellant (no fuel used). Added to the possibility of super high speeds- you can understand the excitement:


  • No Fuel- so lighter and way cheaper
  • Potentially sustainable
  • Potential of super high speeds


  • Violates conservation of momentum XD


As there is no propellant or expulsion of mass (no action) there should be no ship moving (reaction). *According to Newton

The EmDrive is an example of an RF resonant cavity thruster, and is one of several machines that use this model. These work by having a magnetron push microwaves into a closed truncated cone, which then push against the short end of the cone, and propel the craft forward.

Has this held up in tests?

This has now been tested and verified on a few occasions creating in the region of 100s of milli Newtons of force with around 2000 W of power.

This could be the future! What do you guys think?

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I don't think the technology has developed enough to be able to make any final conclusions, but I think we could be able to use this technology some time in the future to land manned missions on close-by planets within the next 100 years or so.

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I don't know much about EM drives. But it seems to me that with so much propulsion available, it is likely that, assuming no catastrophe (which given the stupidity of political inaction, is not a good assumption), we should be able to reach reletavist speeds in a matter of 1 or 2 centuries.


One may say that this is optimistic. I must remind them that the invention of aircraft and the moon landings were within one lifetime. Indeed, they are within living memory of one another.


Heck, we might be able to figure out macroscopic quantum teleportation by then (hopefully). In which case... awesome


Or kugelblitz engines, antimatter engines, pulse fusion, heck even alcubierre perhaps (though I have some doubts for that until a little further ahead in time)

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Whereas the warp drive and kugelblitz (for example) are technologies which are theoretically possible- the fact that this has been tried out in REAL life makes me so intrigued.

That is why I'm particularly interested in learning about the physics behind this beast! 

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Is there any paper i can read explaining how? I still dont really understand.


I guess one can say that as light carries momentum, and F=change in momentum ÷ time, there is a force exerted. And newton's laws state an equal and opposite force must also be exerted. But i dont know if this is correct, or how? Got a good link?

"Either this wallpaper goes, or I go"- Oscar Wilde's last words


About the best you can get summary: http://emdrive.com/principle.html

proper paper (quite advanced):  http://www.emdrive.com/theorypaper9-4.pdf

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