Are we living in a simulation?  



Are we living in a simulation? 


Are we talking the plot of the Matrix here? XD

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You could say that the way in which we observe everything in the universe is simply how our brain displays it to us.


For example: the sky isn't blue, the entire concept of blue is just something that exists in our head and presented to us when high energy photons enter our eyes. A light sensitive bacterium could be exposed to the same photons, and not see "blue" but have some other way of recognising them.

Our senses have evolved to give us a picture of reality that allows us to survive, but we have no way of knowing if this is anything at all like what's really out there. We live in a simulation of the universe called the human mind.

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It's true that the colour blue is just how our brain interprets the signal from the optic nerve from the retina absorbing photons of light. However colour is simply us differentiating wavelengths of light- perhaps other beings wouldn't observe colours in the same way, but it's quite likely that they would be able to tell the difference between blue and red for example. 

I find it really interesting to think about the opinion some quantum physicists have. Does the universe really exist if there are no observers to observe it? Perhaps that is the real question we should be discussing ?. 

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PlanckTime - Amin


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