[Sticky] Curl This Vector  



What is the curl of the following vector?


*You can neglect the partial derivatives of a(x,t). 

PlanckTime - Amin


I'm coming back to this one because I never really understood it. What is ŷ? Is it a basis vector? Is the i the imaginary unit? Is A0 a constant? Then why does the lowercase a also have a 0 subscript? Is e the charge of an electron, or Euler's constant? You have both as an exponential and as a denominator. Is c the speed of light? I was very confused by this.

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By constant I meant a constant vector.


If I misinterpreted the question, shame on me, but here is the answer I came up with. I assumed that the partial derivative of a in respect to x was 0.


That one guy that's always on


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