What is PlanckTime Learn?

From personal experience going through school, a lot of revision material I found, or resources I used to learn were often from the early days of the internet (outdated), or low quality. I found it very difficult to LEARN a completely new topic from using these websites, or even revise from them. What was important for me when writing the learn pages is for the notes to be concise, for there not to be large blocks of boring text, and to have an interactive problem solving element, with solutions to gauge progression.

The main aim of this initiative was to supply everyone with access to the internet, with every bit of information they need to succeed- in one easy to use website. If you are unfortunate enough not to be able to do certain maths or physics courses, you can find it all here. We want everyone hungry enough to learn, to be able to do so- no matter where they come from or what school they go to.

On PlanckTime learn you will find notes written by current students and teachers who know the course you’re doing the best. Find student opinions on which parts are the most difficult, and find problems to test yourself, with solutions.

Whether you just need to brush up on a topic, or you want to learn a completely new one PlanckTime learn is perfect for you!

Furthermore we are lucky enough to have a fantastic community and user base on this website. If you ever need help with a problem or a concept post it on the forum and someone will help you 🙂

Happy Learning 🙂

PlanckTime- Amin