The Team

The PlanckTime Team

Amin Omarouayache

Founder, Maths and Physics Author
Amin is a Physics student at Imperial College London. In 2016 he founded and developed PlanckTime. These days he writes articles, and makes the revision/lesson pages for undergraduate Physics and Mathematics.

Nick Ustaran-Anderegg

Marketing Director
Nick studies Biomedical engineering at Imperial College London. With experience as press secretary at the illustrious ICURFC, Nick is an integral member of the team.

Serene Chongtrakul

Maths and Compsci Author
Serene, from Thailand, studies Mathematics and Computing at Imperial College London. She writes articles for the PlanckTime Team.


Maths and Physics Author
Lucas is a math major at MIT. He writes articles for Mathematics and Physics. In his free time Lucas enjoys playing chess.

Joon-Ho Son

Computer Science Author
Joon-Ho studies computing at Imperial College London. He works on compsci articles as part of the PlanckTime team.

Joel McFarlane

Applied Mathematics Author
Joel is a Physics Student at Imperial College London, with a particular interest in the mathematics of the real world. Joel will be writing articles on various topics in applied mathematics on PlanckTime.

Oliver Duffy

Hong Kong Office
Oliver is a biochemistry student at Imperial College London. Oliver writes articles linking technology to living organisms, and as a Hong Kong resident promotes the site to the Asian market.

Brett Oertel

Maths and Physics Author
Brett is a Physics student at Imperial College London. Originally from South Africa, Brett writes articles about mathematics and physics and is part of the YouTube team.

Luana Williams

A Level Notes Author
Luana is a Physics student at Imperial College London. Luana contributes A level maths and physics notes, as well as formatting them for the website.