The Team

Amin Omarouayache

Founder, Maths and Physics Author
Amin is a Physics student at Imperial College London. In 2016 he founded and developed PlanckTime. These days he writes articles, and makes the revision/lesson pages for Physics and Mathematics.

Krishiv Desai

Maths and Physics Author
Krishiv is a Physics student at Imperial College London. PlanckTime's resident mememaster, Krishiv is a physics and maths author on the site.

Lucas Shedlock

Maths and Physics Author
Lucas is a math major at MIT. He writes articles for Mathematics and Physics. In his free time Lucas enjoys playing chess.

Brett Oertel

Maths and Physics Author
Brett is a Physics student at Imperial College London. Originally from South Africa, Brett writes articles about mathematics and physics and is part of the YouTube team.

Louis Machin

Computer Science Author
Louis is a computer science student from the UK. Louis is fluent is a bunch of programming languages and won't stop going on about Pascal. Louis writes compsi articles and content for the site, as well as helping with diagnosing problems with the site's development.

Saeed Sanei

Maths and Physics Author
Saeed is a Physics student from the UK. Saeed writes mathematics and physics articles for the website. Fun fact, Saeed is also currently writing a novel!